I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and health coach for women whose hormones are a little out of balance or who want to boost their chances of getting pregnant.


I passionately believe that you can feel fabulous – and I mean really AMAZING – by eating real food and living well. I want to share with all my clients the joy of falling in love again with real food. I work with women just like you who feel tired all the time; they're grumpy, stressed, overwhelmed, fuzzy headed, irritable, forgetful, have painful or irregular periods, suffer from hot flushes and other pesky menopause symptoms, or they're gaining weight with age and have no idea why.


Some of my clients want to help get their bodies ready for the most important time in their lives – pregnancy – or are frustrated that they have seemingly tried everything but are still not pregnant. Does any of that sound familiar? Then it's time to take back control of your hormones.


I am registered with BANT and CNHC and am a Foresight Practitioner. I continue to develop my skills and keep my knowledge up to date by attending regular courses and attending industry events.

Ailsa Hichens

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