Abi Bates

Fuel your fitness and make every day a good training day. 


Running and training for sporting events are so much more than putting on your best lycra and lacing up your trainers and walking out the front door. You've spent weeks training in the sun and rain. You carefully navigated the icy patches after the snow and were battered by the winds blowing you sideways.


But now it feels like you're going in reverse. You aren't recovering as quickly as you were at the beginning of this training cycle and you're just a little bit tired of being tired.


My name is Abi, a UK registered nutritional therapist (mBANT) & Personal Trainer, and I've been there. Four years ago I had to defer my London Marathon place because I didn't have the energy to wash my hair, forget running! Now its my mission to make sure the same doesn't happen to you, to get to race day,the finish line and beyond.


I specialize in Performance Nutrition and weight management, supporting you to be your personal best and achieve lots of PBs along the way.


Not sure performance nutrition is for you? Have you ever been for a run the day after a big greasy burger and chips followed by a whole tub of ice cream and wondered why it felt like such hard work and why your pace was a little bit slow?


This is just the tip of the performance nutrition iceberg. Performance nutrition is about more than just eating healthily to fuel your training.


Yes it will help to clear up your diet and teach you how to fuel for upcoming events but it also seeks to reduce your recovery window, prevent injury, and maximise your immunity. Performance nutrition is about making every day a good training day.

Abi Bates

Zest4life Associate
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