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I am seeing better results when I see my clients!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Suzannah Jackson

“I joined Zest4life approximately six months ago having qualified as a Nutritional Therapist six month previously. I was keen to seek advice on how to build my business and to develop an area of expertise.

The amazing guidance I have been given by my coach together with the incredible tools available to us in the resource centre have helped me very quickly gain confidence and increase the number of clients I am seeing. I have found the health coaching tools extremely useful, particularly now I have started offering packages to my clients.

I am seeing better results when I see my clients weekly over a minimum of a 10 week programme than I would have done previously with just an initial and follow up consultation. I have enjoyed networking with all the other practitioners and Health coaches. The community on Z4L

facebook page is a useful resource, where people ask and receive generous advice from others.

The amount of delicious recipes available to offer to clients from the marketing Resource centre has made my life so much easier and I am enjoying trying them all out for myself too.

In a short amount of time, my business has grown, I am seeing positive results and I love being able to help and support others. I have really benefitted by joining Zest4life and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”



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