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My conversion rate on discovery calls is amazing compared to how it was before

Have you been told by friends and family that your prices are expensive? Or do you worry this yourself, dreading discovery calls and the pricing ‘bit’ of the conversation?

If so, then rest assured you’re not alone. One Zest4life member, Zoe Cooper, felt exactly this way before she started her personal mentoring programme. This feeling was coming across in her discovery calls, and she was struggling to convert calls into new clients.

But working through a coaching exercise with her Business Mentor turned things around, helped her see the true value in her services, and reignited her excitement for talking to people about their health and how her programmes can help them. As a bonus, her conversion rate is now around 65%, and she is quite happy talking about how much she charges - she knows that she’s worth it!

Watch her interview with Ann Garry to find out more…

Just one session with her Zest4life Mentor, Marcelle, was enough to change Zoe’s mindset around pricing. You see, mindset beliefs can really hold us back from reaching our full potential, in Zoe’s case this translated to a belief that she wasn’t worth the price she was asking clients to pay for her programmes. And yet she’d spent years training as a Nutritional Therapist, she knows how to support clients to make a difference to their health, and was passionate about doing so. She just needed more self belief.

In her own words…

“Marcelle suggested that I take a step back and use the values wheel, a tool in the Health Coaching programme, to think about the value that I personally bring to my clients on my programmes. Really thinking about me, unique me. I didn’t even get halfway through the wheel before I started to think, ‘Yes, I’m worth this!”, “I do know my stuff”.

It was amazing, a bit of a light bulb moment, a revelation.

It was really empowering and gave me a real sense of confidence and self belief, the imposter syndrome started to recede a little, and I had a feeling that I can really help these individuals.

From then on I found I wasn’t dreading discovery calls any more, I was quite excited to meet these people. That excitement came across in how I was speaking to them - my calls were a lot more comfortable, it was a smoother conversation and the calls went how I wanted them to. My conversation rate now is about 65%, which is amazing compared to what it was before.”

If Zoe’s story sounds familiar, and you are struggling to confidently talk about pricing in your conversations with potential clients, then we would love to help. We invite you to book a free 45-minute Business Strategy Call with one of our experts, who can explore with you the mindset beliefs that are holding you back.

We will also discuss how our Zest4life programmes and personalised mentoring can help you cast aside self doubt so that you can make a success of your nutrition business.

Book your call today, at a time that works for you.


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