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My business success story

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

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Nichola Flood – Zest4life business mentor


The last two years of lockdowns and social distancing had a profound effect on my business - in a good way. In March 2020, there were two possible ways my business was going to pan out: either watching my clients drop off, or watching my business grow. I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thought, and I chose the latter.

Being there for my clients

I decided from the outset that, whatever happened, I was determined to keep in contact with my clients to support them through the pandemic. I made the decision to take all my live one-to-ones to online consultations, and all but two clients responded positively to this. Of those two, one I never heard from again but the second did eventually come online after I kept in contact with her.

I also reached out to past clients to let them know that I was there if they needed me. I offered everyone a free Zest4life lead magnet ‘10 steps to super health’, to help them support their wellness through this challenging time.

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Seizing new opportunities for business success

In addition, I successfully ran the 4-week Healthier Together programme as an online course, gaining new people to my VIP group on Facebook. In actual fact, my online community grew throughout this time, as I reminded people to add family and friends in need of support into the group. I have over 1.5k followers in this group now.

At a time when much of the country closed down, I saw my business grow. I believe that visualising how I wanted to help people, and cultivating a positive business attitude despite the challenges was key to my success. The support that I gave my community in lockdown allowed me to build rapport and trust, people got to know me better and really did appreciate the help. I even won an award in 2020!

Making marketing work for me

Marketing was never far from my mind, and I increased my efforts during this time. I used resources from Zest, as well as my own, and created my #FUNKY5 smoothie, something I have always had a passion for. I promoted this, and created recipes to help clients on their weight loss journeys. I shared lead magnets and even sold the Zest family friendly recipe e-book, which my community LOVED. Lockdown allowed me to reflect on how I manage my own time and it was a positive for me to breath and refocus.

Now that the pandemic, and lockdowns, are (hopefully) behind us, I will never forget my experience of growing my business during this incredibly challenging period. There will always be challenges, but learning how to respond to them – with positivity always at the fore – is key to turning them into successes.

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