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I've now got a rinse-and-repeat process for discovery calls

Updated: Jun 13

Are you feeling that you’re in a rut with your nutrition business and despite “doing all the right things” it seems like nobody is buying right now?

Then you’ve got to hear Christabel’s story. In just 3 months of having said yes to the Zest4life mentoring programme, she is now filling her calendar and converting more than half of her discovery calls into paid clients!

This isn’t a one-off fluke. It’s how things happen at Zest4life.

Watch this video to see how she did it.

Now you might be wondering how specifically our process made such a huge difference to Christabel’s newly-launched nutritional therapy business.

Here is what we invited her to do, and she followed our proven pathway:

  1. She focused in on her ideal client. With our help she developed wording that appealed to women looking to improve their menstrual cycle and created a nice, friendly message with a sense of urgency to get people to book in for her calls and prioritise their health.

  2. She quickly learnt how to create an Instagram reel using her iPhone. Our mentors had reassured her that even though she was a new practitioner with only a couple of hundred followers on Instagram this was enough to get a good reach with her video.

  3. She got into action and ran a practice discovery call campaign. She released 12 slots which she promoted on Instagram and they were all booked within 24 hours. Even though it was just before Christmas she made one sale for a programme starting in January.

  4. She repeated the discovery call campaign process in February. This time Christabel has converted half of her discovery calls into paid programme, and she still has a few maybe’s in there that she is following up.

In her own words...

“I’m following a bit of a formula now that I’ve learned through Zest, and I feel really confident about running more discovery call campaigns. My work is very seasonally focused, so I imagine I’ll have spring, summer, autumn and winter versions. As long as I keep making interesting enough videos four times a year - with my face in unfortunately, but that’s how it gets the reach! - I’m feeling really good about it.

For the first time this month I’ve had the feeling that, instead of just needing more and more clients, I’m getting to the stage that I’ll have to start putting up some boundaries and work out what’s enough for my time and my resources.

It feels like I have a rinse-and-repeat process that I can run whenever I want to.”

Doesn’t that sound good? Christabel knows that her discovery call campaign process is so successful that she can run it whenever she needs to top up client numbers, rather than desperately hoping potential clients will find her and book a call. It puts her in charge of her business in a proactive way.

If you would like to find out how the Zest4life mentoring programme could help you enjoy the same success as Christabel, then we would love to invite you to book a free 45-minute Business Strategy Call with one of our experts.

Come to the session armed with your questions and concerns and find the answers you need. Plus we can discuss how our Zest4life programmes can help you transform all aspects of your nutrition practice and reach your business goals.


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