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How a business collaboration unlocked opportunities for Debbie

In this inspirational interview, Ann Garry is joined by Nutritional Therapist Debbie Gallimore and personal trainer Becca Broadbent, who have been running successful online group programmes together for the last five years.

Their business collaboration allows them to benefit from the other’s strengths - whether that is in marketing, or the different skills and expertise they bring to the programmes - and now means that they can offer a complete package to their clients.

“We get amazing feedback, every single time.”

They talk to Ann about how they met, the programmes they have run and how their collaboration has benefitted each of them, both on a personal and professional level.

“I typically get 1 or 2 clients from every online programme that we do into my 1-2-1 funnel, which is fantastic from a business perspective.” Debbie

“For me, the positive is being able to offer an all-round service now. I do my personal training, run clubs etc. but now I can offer something that completes the package.” Becca

Plus Becca gives advice on how to approach a potential collaborator to start your own journey working closely with another fitness or health professional.

Watch the recording and be inspired to add business collaborations to your nutrition practice.


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