Helen's Spinach & Feta Pesto

By Helen Joubert

This is extremely versatile and a great way to sneakily get some spinach into everyone's food. It makes a great dip; can be drizzled over some soup; a topping for fish or chicken breasts (you could also stuff them with it). You can also stir it into a pasta sauce or curry. You can substitute the nuts for another kind walnuts are great too. It's also a great addition to a pizza!


240g baby spinach

2 cloves of garlic

A slug or two of good olive oil

A slug of lemon juice

1 disc of feta cheese (replace with vegan alternative of your choice)

1 handful of cashew nuts (you can also use traditional pine nuts, or walnuts)

A little salt to taste

A bit of freshly ground black pepper.


1. Chuck it all together and blend. The end!

You can play around with the quantities depending on taste.

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