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After 12 months with Zest my turnover increased by 2.5 times!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Helen Moynihan

“I joined Zest with some very clear objectives. I wanted to diversify my practice to include other nutrition work beyond one to one consultations. Secondly I wanted to develop my coaching skills to ensure positive outcomes for my clients.

Finally I wanted to increase my average income so that it was a profitable business rather than a hobby. I attended the core training and developed a business plan with my mentor, I was already buzzing with ideas. I ticked the first box almost immediately as I started my first online programme which I had vaguely considered before but had no idea how to create something. I have now completed my 8th online programme with an average of 30 in each group, this again has been rewarding and fun for me and my clients.

Some of these have been with strategic partners who are like minded local business owners. I have changed my consultations to the programme model. I now feel I am really able to help my clients make the changes they need to improve their health.

My diary is at capacity with one to one sessions, I see great outcomes which is professionally and personally rewarding..

After 12 months with Zest my turnover increased by 2.5 times, far exceeding my expectations.”



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