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After joining Zest4life I have got my Zest4work back!

Georgina Graham

After joining Zest4life I have got my Zest4work back! Since having two children my career has taken a backseat, but no more! When I first joined Zest I was shown how to make up programmes of 6 weeks for clients to buy instead of going from one consultation to the other and always having to get new clients and never really knowing what you were going to earn and when. I found this a challenge to set up but once I took the plunge and just got on with it, it was easier than I thought.

I soon got my first enquiry and low and behold the lady ended up buying my middle programme. I couldn't believe it...I got off the phone and danced around the house! Since then, in the last 2 weeks I have sold 2 middle programmes, 1 top programme, 1 basic programme and a maintenance programme! But it is also lovely as I now feel a bigger part of client’s lives and their journey to health. I am able to give them the time they need without rushing. So I just wanted to spread the word to you all out there!”



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