We started zest4life when we realised that there was a need to combine a healthy balanced diet, suitable for all the family with helping people to improve their relationship with food.  There are many different reasons why people can’t achieve their health goals and we helped thousands of people to overcome their barriers through nutrition combined with motivational coaching to create the long term motivation needed for a complete lifestyle shift.

In 2005, Patrick Holford joined forces with Motivational Coach, Carolyn St John Loder and Psychologist Wendy Nagle to trial a programme to address the many issues people were having with their health and weight, and the growing need for a different solution.


The aim was to create a new and different intervention combining:-

  • Nutrition & Health education

  • Motivational coaching

  • Patrick's Holford’s highly effective Low GL Diet  


The results were highly significant for overall health and weight loss plus wellbeing, mood, energy, stress, concentration, happiness....and zest4life: the name our clients chose for the programme. What's more, they loved it, finding the coaching and group support key factors in making a real difference.

The results of a diet trial we ran to test our new process were published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine in 2006 and a series of 10 week Health & Weight Loss programmes were developed which we called zest4life programmes - because that is exactly what people experienced: a renewed zest4life.


Over the next 3 years, the process was developed, trialled, tested on hundreds of people and modified to achieve the best possible results in improved health & significant weight loss. In every programme, the same results were found time and again. Coaching was what made the biggest difference to people's success.  We now train qualified nutrition professionals as motivational health coaches with the skills to support clients in the same highly successful way.


All zest4life Coaches are qualified health & nutrition professionals and accredited zest4life coaches giving them the edge in getting the best possible results for you.


A more recent, GP led trial found similar transformational results. - read more



We believe it is essential to have experts in nutrition and wellbeing supporting you. As a client, you will benefit more by having access to professional advice and guidance.

The zest4life health & weight loss programmes are run by professional nutritional therapists and weight loss coaches. This means you will benefit from expert nutritional and health guidance as well as motivational coaching and support. Other programmes (e.g. fitness / weight loss clinics) have consultant nutritional therapists aligned to them to ensure clients always have a good network of professional support.

Because programmes are run by, or with the support of nutritional therapists, you can get the right support and that other health issues you many have can also be addressed (these may be part of the reason why weight loss has been difficult for you so far). This is why our clients report such significant health improvements as well as weight loss results when attending a zest4life programme.


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