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Take a look at what's on and some latest offers from our Nutritionists! 


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2 for 1 offer
Lose Weight, Feel Great
With Zest Associate Louisa Cooling

Limited time early bird 2 for 1 offer.

10 Day trial for
just £1!

If you want to reach your happy weight + get healthy, test drive the Be Fabulous monthly membership for only £1 for 10 days. 

The lifestyle diet I teach in this programme is the exact same system I use when working with my private clients. It’s one designed to balance your energy levels so you feel full, you’re not craving foods that don’t love your body (leaving you to beat yourself up afterwards) and we’re going to combine this energy balancing diet with lifestyle coaching so your whole life works - and the answer doesn't look like the chocolate biscuits.

Fertility Warrior
Get your body pregnancy

Online programme

Standard price: £195

What's on

Spring Supercharge

28-day Nutrition & Pilates Programme

Start date: 19th April
Cost: £85

Early bird offer : £75 before April 1st

Could this be the perfect opportunity for you to focus on your own health and wellbeing?


Join me and Aileen Ross Pilates Instructor as we guide you to better health. The programme includes a delicious recipe pack, 2 live online Pilates classes each week (or catch up with the class recording), healthy snack ideas that are easy to prepare and will be enjoyed by the whole family, and a weekly Zoom Q&A with expert tips and guidance so you can feel part of a supportive community. There will also be weekly 'exercise snack’ videos which are short movement breaks designed to fit in with your busy lifestyles, perfect for the days that you don’t have time to do a full class.


Now more than ever we need easy ways to take care of ourselves, reduce stress, move more and feel good. about ourselves.

Sugar-free and Healthy Gut Reset 

4 week online nutrition programme

Start date: 31st May
Cost: €59 

Early Bird: €39 (book by 21st of May) 

We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, but do any of us know why? Or how much sugar do we actually ingest on a daily basis? Or the sneaky sources of sugar we eat without even realising it? 

Join me and learn how to eat for increased energy, weight loss & blood sugar balance. Remove the cravings and the confusion on what to eat... right in time for summer too! Weekly info videos & live Q&A on zoom, plus daily support and a delicious summer-recipes eBook all yours! Let's start fixing the basics of our health and wellbeing together, I'll bet you get a lot more out of it too!


Join our group and for an extra €10 you can get a 30min personalised Health & Nutrition Review with me in private.

Lose weight & Thrive Be The CEO Of Your Health

Group On-line Programme (limited places)

Start date: 7th June
Cost: £149 

Times: 10am or 7pm

Are you fed up with sticking on the same old baggy comfy clothes?

Is your weight affecting your mood and your hormones?

Are you having problems sleeping? Is it disturbed sleep or staring into space for hours at a time?

Are you having digestive issues - feeling bloated, constipated, or having to run to the loo?

Is your energy level on the floor when you get out of bed?


Are you really ready to make a change and stop the faddy, quick fixes, and extreme diets?

Are you really ready to allow yourself a new way of loving what you eat? Are you really ready to get healthier and happier? If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, I look forward to seeing you in the program.  

Lose Weight, Feel Great

4-week online group coaching programme
Cost: €147

Early bird offer : 2 for 1

What if you could lose weight and keep it off, not always be thinking about food, enjoy high energy throughout the day and enthusiastically meet your daily goals?


During my 4 week group online weight loss coaching programme, you will learn WHAT and WHEN to eat.  You will find out about the important connection between Food, Sleep, Exercise and Self-care and why neglecting any one of these “Pillars of Health” may be the reason you are not hitting your health and weight goals.

Fertility Warrior
Get your body pregnancy ready

Online programme

Cost: £195

Are you trying to conceive or wanting to get your body pregnancy ready

The Fertility Warrior Programme was designed to offer a holistic multifaceted approach to optimising your fertility naturally with the intention of maximising your chances of falling pregnant. You can expect modules on sleep, stress, detoxification & the liver, gut health & gut bacteria, libido, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and male reproductive health.

This programme is bursting at the seams with a wealth of science, research, insight, and advice from numerous disciplines, not to mention a whole lot of love. I want to equip you with tools and empower you with knowledge to optimise your fertility and get your body pregnancy ready.

Working From Home Nutrition & Health Tool Kit

1-hour talk and workshop

Available from 1st February 2021

Cost: From £300

This 1-hour talk and workshop, delivered live via Zoom, brings together all the different areas of health that might be affecting your employees working from home right now.

From solid nutrition advice, tips and recipes, to the best of ideas for keeping fit, healthy and happy, this is one Spring Corporate Wellness opportunity not to be missed!

4 Week Stress Reset

28-Day Programme

Cost: £195

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Burnt-out? Have you lost yourself in the demanding juggle of life, a career, family?

This 4 Week Stress Reset programme has been created to empower you with the knowledge & tools to combat stress, increase your energy & abate wavering self-confidence, bringing your body & mind back into balance so that you can release your potential & live a life you love.

With Zest Associate Helen Moynihan
With Zest Associate Emily Magee
With Zest Associate Karen Swindall