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Nikki Wilson


I work with moms and women who want to move from overwhelm and despair to a place of quiet confidence where you know exactly why you need to prioritise your health, what vital and lasting health is to you and the steps you need to take to get there. My programs are all based on the knowledge that when we are proactive with our health we feel amazing and better able to embrace all that life has to offer! 

I love working with busy moms and women who need the support and reassurance that investing in themselves is good for them and everyone around them too!  Because my son has Autism, I also love working with other moms who have kids with special needs.


“I would like to take a minute to thank you for your passion, time and energy. Your approach to health and wellness is gentle, but powerful, and truly inspiring! I found the self-reflection exercises very helpful, and by consistently doing small things for mySELF, I have started to feel great benefits. It is so important to prioritise your wellbeing, no matter how busy you may be!”, Jo


“Working with Nikki has been eye-opening.  She made our staff members think of health and wellness in a fresh way.  She has a balanced, non-judgmental approach (with a touch of humour) that has really stayed with us”, Team Leader

“Nikki Wilson was such a huge help to me when I was planning on starting a family. I wanted to clean up my diet and make sure I gave my baby the best start... Right from conception! Her gentle manner coupled with a deep and thorough knowledge of nutrition and the entire body's needs makes her an excellent and intuitive practitioner who easily understands each client’s needs. She is practical, realistic and explains the details beautifully. She formulates a holistic plan of action that not only includes exercise and nutrition but so much more. I would recommend Nikki to anyone who wants to clean up their lifestyle!”, Leanne