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Do you ever feel as though your health and happiness is being put on hold for that mystical 'some day' or until you truly feel you've earned it? You're feeling exhausted, frustrated – and stuck. Maybe you've spent so long trying to be 'good' and then failing, only to beat yourself up for a lack of willpower. You really do want to fight your way through the minefield of what to eat or not eat for the best (and without making too many sacrifices along the way) but it sometimes seems too hard? I hear you.


I'm Laura Westwood a nutritionist and health coach, and I would love to help you create the health and life you deserve. We'll work together to find the best nutrition and lifestyle solutions to fit into your life. There's no judgement, just a commitment to helping you navigate everyday stresses with ease and supporting your journey through the highs and lows so that you can feel back in control and confident within yourself and your health. The concept of 'some day' doesn't exist. There is only now. No more putting your health and happiness on the back burner. I warmly invite you to book your free Heath and Energy call to find out the first steps you can take today.

BSc Human Nutrition - Registered as an Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition


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Malvern - Worcestershire