North London, Greater London. I also offer telephone and skype calls



Jill Hyams

North London, Greater London. I also offer telephone and skype calls


Intelligent Nutrition for Healthy Ageing

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One to One work

About Me

I am privileged to have been working in the field of nutrition for over 20 years and now specialize in Nutrition for Healthy Ageing.  Many of my clients are Over 50s and people who would love to improve their health and enjoyment of life with natural nutrition and lifestyle solutions. 

I understand it’s never just one issue that may need attention, but various running concurrently. 2 large population based studies in September 2017 found that more than 49% of people 65 plus, are taking at least 5 medications a day and there have been concerns about the dangers of over prescription. 

Today, many health problems are chronic and lifestyle based. However, you do have real choices about how to handle your health and there are lots of answers for everyone.  Even if you are on medication, improving your situation is possible. I work regularly with people on medication who have been able to lower their medications and sometimes even stop. 


Working with You


The way I work is creating your bespoke programme, which will support you, as a whole person.  This means first getting to know you, your lifestyle and your health history.  You may well have a priority which we can start working with while seeing what else there is to do on the list.

In many cases working with one particular issue, can help to improve other complaints.  Practicing good nutrition and improving positive lifestyle habits is the foundation to all health.

Action is Everything. With my health coaching and your accountability and commitment we can break down the task into easy and enjoyable steps while keeping you moving forward. That applies to lifestyle changes too.  Simple little tweaks can make a huge difference. 

Did you know that having someone by your side makes for much greater success whatever you want to do! 

These are some common conditions I work with: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular, prostate health, overweight, digestive problems, perimenopause/menopause, osteoporosis and before, during and after Chemo, brain health.




Action Against Alzheimer’s


I am particularly passionate about optimising and protecting brain health with diet and lifestyle adjustment. I witnessed my mother descend through the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease as did my grandmother.

As a licensed nutritional therapist for ‘Action Against Alzheimer’s’, I am running ‘The Brain Health Programme’, which is a 6 part series of workshops using Professor Bredesen’s protocol.   

There is now mounting evidence from a number of neurologists including Professor Bredesen, who has been working on Alzheimer’s for over 30 years and Drs Dean Sherzai and Ayesha Sherza, that you can protect yourself from cognitive decline. Other diet and lifestyle programmes e.g. The Finger study in Finland and MIND study have also borne this out using a similar approach.

For more Information about these workshops please contact me for a complimentary 20 minute phone call.

Nutritional Therapist , Dip CNM, college of Naturopathic Nutrition

registered with BANT and CNHC

Functional Medicine Practitioner, AFMCP

Licensed nutritional therapist for ‘Action Against Alzheimer’s’