All our zest4life coaches are qualified Nutrition Professionals and trained Health Coaches.


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“It has given me confidence and made my practice more professional I would absolutely recommend it."

Nutritional Therapist



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“ I joined Zest with some very clear objectives. I wanted to diversify my practice to include other nutrition work beyond one to one consultations. Secondly I wanted to develop my coaching skills to ensure positive outcomes for my clients. Finally I wanted to increase my average income so that it was a profitable business rather than a hobby. I attended the core training and developed a business plan with my mentor, I was already buzzing with ideas. I ticked the first box almost immediately as I started my first on line programme which I had vaguely considered before but had no idea how to create something. I have now completed my 8th on line programme with an average of 30 in each group, this again has been rewarding and fun for me and my clients. Some of these have been with strategic partners who are like minded local business owners.

I have changed my consultations to the programme model. I now feel I am really able to help my clients make the changes they need to improve their health. My diary is at capacity with one to one sessions, I see great outcomes which is professionally and

personally rewarding. After 12 months with Zest my turnover increased by 2 1⁄2 times, far exceeding my expectations. In addition

to this, and not in my business plan, I have just started working with a corporate client one day a month and I am mentoring other nutritional therapists. “

Nutritional Therapist




“ I joined Zest4Life approximately six months ago having qualified as a Nutritional Therapist six month previously. I was keen to seek advice on how to build my business and to develop an area of expertise. The amazing guidance I have been given by my coach together with the incredible tools available to us in the resource centre have helped me very quickly gain confidence and increase the number of clients I am seeing.


I have found the health coaching tools extremely useful,

particularly now I have started offering packages to my clients. I am seeing better results when I see my clients weekly over a minimum of a 10 week programme than I would have done previously with just an initial and follow up consultation. The Business Development Mastermind days have helped me to build my business confidence and I have enjoyed networking with all the other practitioners and Health coaches. The community on Z4L facebook page is another useful resource centre where people ask and receive generous advice from others.


The amount of delicious recipes available to offer to clients from the Resource centre has made my life so much easier and I am enjoying trying them all out for myself too. In a short amount of time, my business has grown, I am seeing positive results and I love being able to help and support others. I have really benefitted by joining Zest4Life and I have no hesitation in recommending

them to others.”

Nutritional Therapist




“ I feel really positive and motivated by the end of every coaching call. One of the many things I love about the mentoring is the fact

that my Mentor combines her clinical understanding of nutritional therapy with her role as a business mentor and coach - a winning combination and an enormous help when you are finding your way and setting up your own practice. She understands because she has seen it all before. I can't imagine running my practice without this support and wisdom.


The training days are extremely well organised and a fantastic opportunity to have all the experts in one room! There is a great balance between teaching and practical, ‘real life' advice, giving delegates ample opportunity to ask questions and leave the day with practical steps that they can implement.


Working independently can be quite isolating at times and it is such a nice feeling to have a virtual team that you can refer to when you are stuck, or just need reassurance that you are on the right track. There is always somebody willing to help, with 7 supportive

suggestions and tips and I have found this a great way to continue learning."

Cancer Dietitian



“I love working with Z4L it has moved me forward both on a business and a personal level. I have run 4 successful on line programmes that I would never have attempted without their support. I am also running one to one programmes and am finding the programmes they supply fantastic. The health coaching is great and applying it to my clients is getting easier every day.


Every day I feel that I am getting closer to were I want to be with my business. Marketing is getting much easier with the support and training I am getting with Z4L. The Resource Centre is a life saver and marketing is practically done for me. The support and

camaraderie on the zest4success FB page helps me to feel part

of something and less isolated than when I worked on my own.


Z4L has helped me to stay focused and motivated and I feel that I am improving as a practitioner and business can only get better. I would highly recommend it to other NT's.”

Nutritional Therapist




“For 3 years I had gone from just getting by in terms of clients and finances. In the three months since I joined Zest I have considerably more cash coming through the door, I have a two-week waiting list, hired a PA, identified my ideal client, executed a whole new pricing strategy, got a marketing strategy and have a really clear vision of where I am going. I cannot recommend Zest highly enough.”

Clinical Nutritional Therapist




What is your experience of working with zest?

“ My experience of working with Zest4Life has been nothing but positive. It’s a fantastic organisation, run by a smart, experienced and supportive team who know how to make the business of nutritional therapy a success. Coaching provides me with

clarity on where to focus my energy and attention in order to drive my business forward. My coach is also very aware of me as a person and is always conscious that I build my business in a way that is

true to me and my vision for my future. ”


What difference to your practice has this made?

The support, coaching and guidance I have received from Zest4Life has directly impacted the growth and development of my business. My coach has gone above and beyond for me on numerous occasions, supporting me through periods of rapid growth and significant positive challenges in my business. Coaching has also helped me develop a very clear understanding

of my business, from how to effectively position what I offer to clients and other businesses, through to the ins and outs of setting up ltd companies, handling VAT and understanding the numbers in order to prioritise where to focus my efforts for maximum ROI. 

What else do you value about it?

I really value the contact with other practitioners and the sense of community Zest4Life has created. It’s invaluable to have likeminded practitioners to bounce ideas off and ask questions to. I also love the fact that different coaches within Zest4Life can provide expert support in different areas. From clinical practice, to

marketing strategies, social media and coaching. 

Nutritional Therapist



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“ I feel really positive and motivated by the end of every coaching session. It has helped me add focus to my business and stay focused and understand how to build a business from the start, without becoming overwhelmed by all the things that you have to do. Approaching one’s business with a realistic plan, being organised and working step by step, has created better results more clients and given me the confidence to branch out to giving talks to groups and work with other health professionals on various projects.


The Resource Centre is fabulous - loads of ideas, recipes and graphics etc that I use all the time - making it easy to send out a Newsletter to your clients, for example. The Business Development Days are really informative and inspiring and it is

great to network with peers. It is also very useful to be able to access the seminars at any time on the resource centre to fit around one’s own schedule.


Resources and are constantly being added too, which means there is always something new. I would definitely recommend Zest to anyone who is either starting their business for the first time or

anyone who would like to take their business to the next level and really grow.”

Nutritional Therapist



What is your experience of working with zest?

“Working with Zest has made an enormous difference to me. It has changed the way that I run my practice, has given me the confidence to do things that I would never have considered before and has helped me make more money than I ever would have doing things the traditional way. On a personal level, the coaching support has been invaluable too. We don't often realise just how much things in our personal life can affect us professionally

and having someone there to listen and coach me has helped me in many ways.”


What difference has this made to your practice?

“I'm actually making money from this now! I have a presence in the social media world and I'm confident in what I know and how to present it.”


What else do you value about it.

“The Done for you materials are fantastic, it's lovely being able to dip in and take what you need. The programmes have been really successful too, I love that I don't have to reinvent the wheel each time I want to do something.”

Nutritional Therapist



“Being a Zest associate immediately gave me a sense of direction. I have more focus and even when I had ideas on what to do, with being a Zestie, I have more clarity, I love the community spirit, the resources, and just knowing that I am not alone and there is advice and help available if I get stuck. I would recommend Zest4life

to practitioners.”

Nutritional Therapist






If you are trained in nutrition or studying towards a professional qualification, we would like to hear from you.


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"My client went for the £950 package!

Initial consultation done with a few new

coaching techniques applied! I meant to

say a huge thank you because it’s clearly

thanks to your precious help!”