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Clinic consultations in Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland & Online consultations

Dip Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach; Cert Personalised Sports Nutrition;  Cert Stress Management

As I started into peri menopause I noticed changes, physical, mental and emotional.  Not changes I was expecting and I certainly didn't like them! Medically everything was good, so I decided to look at why I was feeling this way.  Turns out changing hormones can cause all sorts symptoms.  As a result of what I had read I decided to  make a few changes, one of them was to make some simple changes to the food I was eating (I always had a sweet tooth and love chocolate!).  I discovered that by implementing some simple changes, it made a big difference in how I was feeling, I also discovered the power of whole food and the importance of healthy lifestyle habits.  (Don't worry, I'll help make this as seamless as possible!)


A few years later I took the plunge and studied to be become a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach with The Institute of Health Sciences.  During the course of my studies I tried and tested all sorts of 'styles' of eating.  I now eat a (mainly!) whole food diet and love the results.


I want to share everything I have learned with you, (and I'm still learning as I can't resist studying)'s so exciting, but I totally get that it's also so confusing and what worked for your friend or someone online will not always work for you.  That is why I personalise my programmes to suit YOU.


I listen to all your health concerns and worries and what you want to be different.  I work with you and together we build a plan around your diet and lifestyle.  It's all about simple changes that fit into your life.  I help you understand the 'why' behind the changes you are implementing and show you how to make changes yourself as you move towards your goals, so that your achievements are sustainable. 


I support you fully throughout your programme to make changes at your own pace, so that you are comfortable with your new habits and you have the understanding to make choices that are right for you, both now and into the future.


You have a story and no matter whether it's been good or not so good, you have the power and the answers in you to do great things and be where you want to be.


Your ally to better health 

Gráinne x