Somerset West or Helderberg Area – Western cape



Anneli Peters


I work with women who are tired of diets that don’t work leaving them tired and battling constant cravings. Women that just want the truth and a permanent solution to weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

I specialise in Women - weight-loss, tired, moody, depressed

  • Lost weight - “I lost 8kg in 4 weeks, I FEEL GOOD! I feel I have life in me and I am not as moody...” Dielda, Online 

  • Improved their skin – “After 3 weeks people started noticing my skin looks better” – Elzeth, 

  • Reduced cravings – “My cravings disappeared within a few days” - Carine

  • Feels Healthier - “I feel lighter mentally, physical and emotionally” -  Tammy

  • Loads of Energy - “I feel great, I have loads of energy and motivation to keep eating health I cannot believe the difference it makes! Joani

  • Better concentration – “What I love about this, is that it is not just a fad diet, but a lifestyle change that improved all aspects of my being. I have lost weight and more importantly I have my body fat percentage decreased dramatically. Before I started this program, I was always tired and found it difficult to focus on work, I have found that within only a couple of days my concentration and energy levels started improving.” Joani

  • Healthier families – “My whole family is enjoying healthy food with me!”. Joani


“The ComplEAT Solution diet trial was really a nice and life changing experience for me. I really enjoyed the group set up which was small and productive. I really liked it that the eating program was rolled out in phases so that you could get used to the new way of eating and thinking about food. The sessions built well on each other and the information Anneli gave was very interesting and valuable. 


I have never been a fan of diets but this program has impressed me so much because it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle and a holistic approach to being healthy. It doesn’t just look at eating habits but your whole being in terms of work, relaxation, stress, family and friends, alone time, exercise etc. The impact on my family has been huge…. before my 5 year old eats something she asks “Mommy, is this healthy?’ And that is of course what we want, that our children learn healthy eating habits. 

I also read ALL labels on products now!! And I mostly decide what we are going to buy.

After two weeks, I started losing weight, my energy increased and I slept better. After 3 weeks’ people started noticing my skin looks better and I lost more weight. 

What makes the program great is that it helps you to plan with the nice meal plans and shopping lists that comes with it. It saves time and money in our house and everyone knows what is on the menu for the week!

Anneli was fantastic and supported and motivated us throughout the week. This is a program with principles that I can apply until I am 80 even if we eat out or get friends over for dinner. Of the 6kg that I wanted to lose I lost 3 and I am still going strong!!”