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We believe it is essential to have experts in nutrition and wellbeing supporting you. As a client, you will benefit more by having access to professional advice and guidance.

The zest4life health & weight loss programmes are run by professional nutritional therapists and weight loss coaches.


This means you will benefit from expert nutritional and health guidance as well as motivational coaching and support. Other programmes (e.g. fitness / weight loss clinics) have consultant nutritional therapists aligned to them to ensure clients always have a good network of professional support.

Because programmes are run by, or with the support of nutritional therapists, you can get the right support and that other health issues you many have can also be addressed (these may be part of the reason why weight loss has been difficult for you so far).

This is why our clients report such significant health improvements as well as weight loss results when attending a zest4life programme.

At zest4life, we are passionate about making a real difference to your health through good food and the right support.

Patrick and the zest4life team have spent many years working to create a unique process that has a break-through approach to obtaining that commitment that is needed for you to take control of your own health. zest4life provides the support, structure and direction to change lifetime habits.

Our philosophy is to teach you to eat real food in the real world.  We do not believe in meal replacements, shakes, very low calories diets or anything that promises the earth but costs you your health, slows your metabolism, fails in the long term and damages your confidence and self esteem.


We firmly believe that everyone should complete a zest4life programme and become armed with the tools, knowledge and motivation, to lead a healthy and vibrant life, and inspire their families to do the same.

Our collective backgrounds are nutrition, psychology, coaching, training, fitness, marketing and business development. We are passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals and are thrilled that, through the growing network of practitioners, there can be a wide positive impact on the wellbeing of many more people.


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We work with Nutrition Professionals who are determined to be successful but would love a step by step formula to make it work. Book a complementary business strategy call with one of our top practice growth coaches to find out how zest4life can help you fast-track your success.