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Case Study: DB Apparel


In association with WorkLifeFit, we delivered a bespoke nutrition, fitness and wellbeing programme for DB Apparel, the company responsible for the major bra brands Playtex, Shock Absorber and Wonderbra.

"This programme has had a significant impact on morale, motivation and team working and has positively impacted our business results. I highly recommend any business who has similar issues to those we have faced is going to find this will benefit them" Debbie Rix, DBA UK General Manager

The programme for all staff included:

What was the impact?

Programme attendance levels: 84% of staff participated at least once. One year on, 79% are still participating regularly.

Business benefits

Absence rates: The sickness days lost through absenteeism during the 12 week pilot in Woking dropped to 0.7% - they are normally around UK average of 3.7%. DBA are measuring against their baseline as they roll the programme out to the Glasgow office. The savings here significantly offset the cost of implementing the programme

"We are all grateful to Debbie and everyone involved with Beyond the Moon. We are so lucky to be part of this venture. The morale of the department has drastically improved. The team are helping each other. It is a great example of team building." Lynda Hetherington, Customer Service Manager

"Teamwork and communication has improved, as has the relationships we have now with our customers. People are now more able to cope with higher stress levels and they see it as a valuable benefit." Debbie Rix, DBA UK General Manager

Health, wellbeing & fitness benefits

Screening programmes have been successful in identifying potential health problems early on with supporting interventions improving the results significantly. For example, several people with blood glucose levels in the diabetic range saw these levels revert to normal within weeks of starting the programme

"I have really enjoyed the nutrition and fitness classes. After only a few weeks my skin was brighter and clearer - I genuinely feel better!" DBA staff member

"The nutrition classes have taught me a whole new way of eating well with the result of a weight loss of almost 2 stone AND without dieting...amazing!" DBA staff member

"I have seen a major improvement in my energy levels both at work and at home. I have now gone from no exercise to 2 to 3 times weekly. Being fuelled up properly before exercise has made the difference for me, so the diet and exercise combination as worked wonders" Sophia Dimitriou, Project Manager

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