Zest4Life Weight Loss Programmes

A streamlined alternative to our flagship health programmes, the weight loss & life coaching programmes follow the zest4life motivational coaching success formula, last one hour and include life coaching topics, nutrition and GL basics, personal goal setting, group coaching and body composition analysis.  These are run either by zest4life nutritional therapists or by zest4life weight loss and life coaches.

The zest4life Coaching Success Formula leads you simply through the following areas that enable you to make positive changes to your weight, health and lifestyle, helping you get more out of life and ensuring the changes remain with you in the long run.  Using a range of different weight loss and life coaching tools, we look at goal setting, visioning, exercise, reward, creating time to succeed, emotional eating, managing stress, positive brain training, boosting motivation, improving self image, habits, and being prepared.  Not only will these help you lose weight but will help you feel inspired and enjoy life too!

For those that cannot attend a full zest4life programme these offer a cost and time effective alternative which are focused on nutrition for weight loss.  These are also ideal for those that have already attended one of our health programmes and would like ongoing support to reach and maintain their goals.  

All clients will receive a professional set of course materials and books including the Nutrition Success Formula and Weight Loss & Life Coaching book to track progress.

There is a one off new joiner fee currently on special offer at only £25 (Value £50).  This includes all books, access to online introduction to GL video and an initial health and weight loss assessment with personal recommendations.  The books change every 4 months at a cost of £10.

Price per session: from £7.50 / 9 Euro

These programmes run throughout the year

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4 Week Fast Track Programme

A new, dynamic and structured weight loss programme lasting one hour per week.  We will teach you step by step the key information you need to understand and apply the principles of healthy eating and GL to your life.  You will have a health, diet and lifestyle assessment before you start and you will receive personalised guidance throughout the course.  Each week you will have a body composition analysis, learn about GL and receive coaching and goal setting.  In the 5th week you will receive a phone coaching session to review your progress and create your plan for success going forward.  Upon completion, you will be in an ideal position to join a full zest4life health and weight loss programme or to migrate onto a weight loss and life coaching programme – depending on your needs and preferences.  These are run either by zest4life nutritional therapists or by zest4life weight loss and life coaches.

All new clients will receive a New Joiner pack (£25) which includes the Nutrition Success Formula, a Personal Development Record, 4 week booklet, access to online Introduction to GL video plus a health and weight loss assessment with personal recommendations.  

Prices from: £65 / 75 Euro (depending on area)

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