What Jane's Clients Say

Ghyslaine:- "Jane is a first-class nutritionist.  She has a scientific understanding of nutrition, which means she can explain exactly how each change in eating habit is helping you. More importantly, she is endlessly patient and sincerely wants you to succeed.  I followed the regime she recommended for 4 weeks, losing approx. 2lbs per week and I have no doubt I’ll reach my target weight.  However, for me the crucial aspect was learning how to balance my blood sugar.  It took a bit of time and effort getting my head round eating differently, but it’s definitely worth it.  I have more energy, sleep better and have stopped comfort eating.   I could not have done it without Jane’s expertise, enthusiasm and support."


Vanessa:- “After trying various diets over the years I started Zest4Life earlier this year.  I have not looked back.  With Jane’s support and guidance I am achieving my goals and enjoying the journey.  I was overweight, I felt sluggish, unmotivated and unconfident.   Since starting Zest4Life I have lost weight.  I feel energised, positive and confident.  Zest4Life has given me a renewed Zest for Life.”


Richard:- “When I finally made up my mind to adjust my eating and sort out my health I visited Jane. She is very helpful and knowledgeable and the way she explains things, so even I could understand, is clear and all done in a very friendly manner. The program she recommended to me is laid out in a clear and easily “digestible” way, with plenty of options available and easy to follow guides. Being a healthy living “virgin”, I found Jane’s willingness to find out answers to my, occasionally, strange questions put me at ease and made the whole process much easier to stick with. So to sum up the zest4life program seems to work well for me and is a worth-while way to sort out your lifestyle and go forward much healthier.”