Tracey's allergies stopped and she lost over 2 stone and 22 inches

Having finished the zest4life programme, I still go to my circuit training club where they weigh and measure me once a month. On Wednesday they couldn't believe how much weight, inches and body fat I had lost. I am over 2 stone lighter now, have lost 22 inches, my body fat has gone down by 7.47 kg and I can fit into size 10 again, this all from a starting point of 11st 8lbs and size 16!!! I almost can't believe it but the proof is the mirror and scales and also my health.

Thanks for all your support and for educating me in healthier ways of eating. Oh, and I almost forgot, I don't seem to suffer from air born allergies anymore e.g. hayfever and cats and dogs. Because I understand why I suffered so badly, and by cutting out my food allergies, this has had a knock on effect with the way my body deals with the air born ones. Simple really, but I suffered from the age of 17 until 2 months ago. Had I known then it may have had something to do with my eating habits I would have done something about it a long time ago but I had no idea.

Anyway, that's enough of me 'patting my own back' - I will continue to eat this way and have full intentions of dropping in at future sessions for continued support and to learn about other topics."