The following feedback is from Kay Steptoe's clients

Erica – London

Before working with Kay, I'd been trying to lead a vegan and 90% healthy diet, but my main issue was when eating out or being out with other people who weren't trying to be healthy, either they didn't have something that I wanted on the menu, or I felt pressured to go along with what my friends wanted to eat so ended up compromising as I felt I was being the awkward one. Kay made me realise for the first time really that I could be that little bit awkward, as after all, I was paying for the food, and that nothing is more important that my health, and that down the line if I were to get ill from eating bad food that I didn't want anyhow, that would be far more awkward than my asking for what I wanted to eat!

I've always had loads of food associations, thinking that even though I wanted to be vegan, I couldn’t possibly give up things like pastries, because of childhood associations that they made me happy, or cheese on pizza when I went on holiday to Italy for example, as I thought giving that up would simply be compromising my life.

I now realise that whilst I can occasionally still have a non-vegan pastry or whatever it is that I may really want at the time, there are alternatives and I don't have to see it as missing out on something but as prioritising my health above anything else. She has definitely made it so much easier and made me feel so much more confident now about going to any restaurant and just asking for what I want rather than trying to choose the least bad thing from a sometimes limited menu.

As well as helping me feel 100% more confident about being being vegan and healthy when eating out, Kay has made me realise I can cut out sugar. She is a great role model as she has done the same, but this made me realise that a) I can and b) how to do so by using alternatives.

There will still be times when I eat the odd thing that isn't sugar free and vegan, just because I want it,  but the feeling that I need to has totally gone down, and I now bake everything sugar-free and vegan. Before when I dreaded having to go out to an English or European restaurant because there was nothing healthy on the menu, I now look forward to just going and asking them to make me what I want. I feel so much more confident now about leading a healthy diet as Kay has made me realise how easy and natural it is as soon as you get over your old beliefs and bad habits that were never serving you anyhow. I would definitely recommend working with Kay for anyone to lead a healthier life as I literally don't think I could have made some of the changes and improvements I have without her gently pushing and guiding me to do so. Thank you Kay!


Julie - Kent

I am in my late 40s and have been yo-yo dieting for years. Some diets were successful to a degree but as soon as I stopped the diet the weight just went back on and often I put on even more weight than when I started the diet in the first place! Kay was really fantastic. She spent a lot of time at the first meeting helping me analyse where I thought past diets had gone wrong and looking at my attitude to food and what I did and didn't like. I lead a very busy life so she helped me work out a simple meal plan that I knew I could stick to. In our second week we talked about my mindset and went deep into the reasons why I had chosen to eat the foods I have done in the past. Kay was so good in her guidance in making me see how I could change my mindset and think more about the effect of each type of food would have on my body as I chose to eat it. It really worked as every time I thought about eating some chocolate (which was one of my vices) I thought about what Kay had said and the bad effects it would have on me. I haven't eaten it since I started the programme and to be honest I don't even crave it now. I can honestly say that Kay is a fantastic weight loss coach and she has made me see this is not a diet but a new way of life. I lost weight easily eating foods that I enjoy and am really happy with the results, I can't praise Kay enough for all her care and attention and will be recommending her to my friends.  


Katy – Surrey 

Initially I was uncertain how Kay would be able to help me as I already had a good idea of how I wanted to be eating, my problem was doing it consistently. I have picked up some good tips on nutrition but for me the major breakthrough was how she has helped me change my attitude to my diet. I no longer view this as a 'diet' but a genuine life style choice, and one which I am very happy with! I now know that it’s ok to be 'naughty' occasionally and there is no need to feel guilty. I was the one imposing the guilt and restrictions and it’s so much easier without it. That’s not to say I haven’t strayed from the path at all but I now have the tools to get back on it, and I am happier with my eating habits and my health than I have been in a long time. Thanks Kay.


Jodie – SW London

I was suffering from stress and had no energy. I love food and used it as a comfort. I'm a bit over weight and wanted to do more exercise to generally feel healthier and more awake.  I was nervous about being able to follow a diet and stick to it when I was suffering with stress.

But it was good, Kay coached me through all the steps and explained what the diet meant, how it worked and the benefits to my health. This made it easier to understand the impacts of what I was eating and drinking as well as the importance of exercise.

I have found it hard cutting out sugar from my diet but the basic principles of the diet will stick with me for the future. I lost weight and felt more energised!


Pippa – SW London

I am very much a creature of habit, I find it difficult to change my ways, even with an incentive, like a holiday. I can be 'good' for about a week, but once I slip, I slip for good rather than getting straight back on track. My fitness schedule would have to fit in around my social life - if I had enough energy to even do any exercise. I'm not a good cook and have little interest in it after a long day at work. Snacking on rubbish to get me through the day and eating easy foods was my routine.

It's hard to break a habit, especially when it seems hard. I didn't want to be told what I could and couldn't do, or feel restricted or guilty. I hate calorie counting so I wasn't sure what to expect with Kay and the GL way of life.
Meeting with Kay has fit easily into my schedule as she is very flexible. She explained the purpose of what she was doing and how it would hopefully help me. She made me feel very comfortable and having the regular meetings really improved my mentality as it gave me a goal and she picked me up when I was feeling more negative if things hadn't gone to plan. It was good to have something to work towards with someone actually keeping an eye on me, keeping me on track and not letting me feel down if I felt like I hadn't done enough. I was looking forward to tracking my progress and my results.
Kay has helped me change my perspective and way of thinking. I started with feeling guilty if I slipped and ate too much, but I realized it’s not Kay that I let down but myself. No one else is really interested in what you do - you have to do it for yourself. If I feel guilty, then maybe it was because I shouldn't be doing it - for me. I joined a gym and really started thinking about what I was eating and why, I realized that planning was key, and eating well could be easy if I just prepared what I would want to eat in advance, rather than grabbing food when I was hungry. Kay has helped me realise that health is a higher priority than just not eating cake, but I should think of the thought process or reason behind what you're doing, otherwise it’s easy to spiral and difficult to stop and change your habit.
It’s not just my eating and exercise habits but I also learnt that sleeping habits are very important. I have started writing down things that are on my mind before I go to sleep to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep, which helps me have a better day.
Kay has shown me that doing things for other people will not help me with my goals, like snacking with colleagues because they are. I have to do things for me and I have to want to do them and want things to change. Talking about my goals out loud and writing them down really affirmed what I want and what I need to do to achieve that. I have a more positive attitude and know that I can achieve it if I just try harder and don't give up even when I have a bad day. 
Kay was constantly encouraging and I felt I was always learning and thinking of ways I could help myself.


Leanne - North Shields

Before we started working together I felt like I was eating too much unhealthy food and worried about the effects that will have later in life.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never done anything like this course before. I hoped that I would benefit from a group programme which I did.

Working with you has been an insightful experience and has had the best outcomes including weight loss, better eating and a better understanding of food I should and shouldn’t be eating.

I managed to go from 8 stone 7lb to 8 stone 4lb in the 4 weeks I worked with you. I no longer rely on sugar during the day, and I’m enjoying healthy eating and exercise.

I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience and have inspired others in my workplace to eat better and exercise which is an additional bonus. I’ll continue to stick with this change of lifestyle and will make sure I send you a photo or two of my wedding day.