Sylvia: I lost over two stone and was amazed how quickly and easily my weight came down while I felt fitter, slept better and had more energy

Zest4life was introduced to me by my daughter-in-law who had followed the programme to lose weight after two pregnancies. Seeing her look so slim and healthy inspired me to join a course. My (14) fellow classmates were a very mixed bag, young and middle aged women, a married couple and me - the 'O.A.P.' Some members had food intolerances and/or allergies, some were extremely tired or stressed and lacked energy and motivation. Others like me had piled on the pounds and although we had tried various diets over several years we had been unable to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

Each week, as we attended the class, we were weighed discreetly. We then had a lecture from our programme director or a visiting expert on different aspects of nutrition, healthcare and weight control, with the main emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. The information was backed by Patrick Holford the well known Nutritionist, TV Personality and Journalist.

We were each given a file in which to keep our records, weekly information sheets and recipes. We were also given weekly notes with extra help over difficult periods such as holidays, Christmas, plus eating out with friends or in restaurants. The visiting lecturers were very interesting and the whole atmosphere was informal, relaxed and friendly. The programme director chaired a question and answer session after each lecture when we could each air our problems, question the lecturer, support each other and set our goals for the week. Most members remarked how their families were also benefiting from the knowledge they were gaining.

There were a range of products available at each class, from a healthy breakfast cereal, various vitamin and mineral supplements to snack bars with a low GL to help us stay on track. We also sampled some low GL foods and snacks. I lost over two stone and was amazed how quickly and easily my weight came down while I felt fitter, slept better and had more energy.

Over 18 months on I am still slim and fit. If I put on a little weight over Christmas, holidays or while staying with friends I know I am in control and can return to normal very quickly.

I walk my dogs for an hour a day, do an advanced Pilates class twice a week, usually with my 
daughters-in-law. I swim regularly and have recently started cycling. Not bad for a Grandmother looking forward to her 69th birthday! The Zest4life programme and the knowledge of healthy eating habits it gave me not only helped me to lose weight, but dramatically improved my quality of life.

Tony: "As well as losing almost 2 stone, my health is better: I am reducing my prescription drugs and have been discharged by my hospital consultant. My blood sugar, homocysteine and cholesterol levels are lower. My energy levels are better - I am doing more exercise, sleeping less and not feeling so tired."

Sue lost 2 stone: "This is the first time I have been able to stick to a diet and exercise at the same time as the diet gives me the energy I need to do this. All the nutritional information was fascinating and the personal guidance was invaluable."