Sharon Downs clients are fitter and healthier than before 'with a new zest for life!'

Sharon has been an inspiration in guiding me to better eating habits.

She is passionate about nutrition and has a meticulous knowledge of the types of foods that are of value to ones health.

I had regular sessions with Sharon over 6 months and though it has taken some time to assimilate what I have been taught about food and nutrition, I have now lost 3 stone and have developed healthy balanced nutritional eating habits. I feel transformed in energy levels and outlook!

Thank you Sharon. (Phoebe R)

I started the Zest4life programme in May after being advised by my GP that we would have to look at increasing my BP medication and look to perhaps starting on statins. I also had my 50th Birthday and decided that I needed to get my life in order both physically and mentally and since then I have not looked back!!
I threw myself into the programme losing 9lb in the first week. The weight since then gradually decreased and at the end of the 6 weeks I had lost a total of 10kg 
I found a lot of support in the group not only from Sharon & Linda but also from the other members. We would share our good times & bad times and also any new foods we had found.
The Zest4life programme is now a way of life for me. Yes there have been times when I have had a day when things have gone a bit haywire but I have just picked myself up and carried on. Previously I would have just said "oh well that's it now no point in carrying on".
I have thrown myself into exercise - I now not only go to the gym & walk, I have now started Pilates & Hot Zen Yoga (definitely recommend the Hot Zen Yoga).
Since finishing the programme I have lost another 7kg making a total of 17kg. Most important I am off all medication and feel a lot healthier and fitter and have a new Zest4life.

Thank you Sharon & Linda as I would not be feeling as I do now without you providing the programme in the first place & your guidance & support.  (Penny K)


“When I first started coming to you, I was feeling generally unwell and lacking in energy.  I can honestly say that the programme has helped hugely with that and has given me a lot of insight into the principles of diet and exercise, so thanks very much again for all your advice”.   (Thea R)


"I've been working with Sharon for approximately 3 months now.  As someone who started out with little confidence in my ability to lose weight, I was firstly impressed with how thorough Sharon's initial assessments were.  She has always taken the time to understand me as a unique individual and to listen to the feedback that I have given, tweaking suggestions and advice when necessary.  Her praise and support throughout this process has been second to none, including face to face meetings, in depth phone follow ups and detailed advice via email.

The improvements in my health and well being were really noticeable quickly and have increased over the time that Sharon has been coaching me. As someone that used to get frequent headaches, I can now say that since following the Zest 4 Life programme, it is rare for me to get a headache. My energy levels have also really increased which in turn helps me to function well in my job as a health and social care professional. I love the fact that with Sharon's help and support, I feel like I'm finally back in control and feeling so much healthier than I have in years. 

For anyone considering embarking on this journey, I would highly recommend 1:1 tutoring with Sharon - she embodies the positivity and confidence that we may all sometimes struggle to maintain as the weeks go on.  She'll pick you up and boost you when you most need it, ensuring that you keep believing in your dream of living a healthier life.

I would urge anyone who's contemplating starting this programme - 'DO IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!'' (Michelle G - lost 1 stone in 3 months)