Marcelle Dubruel de Broglio's client Rhiannon lost 5lbs in 3 weeks and started to feel more energetic

The following stories and feedback are from Marcelle's clients in Wimbledon:

"I have lost 5lbs in 3 weeks and started to feel more energetic! I found the programme easy to understand and sustainable. I am really pleased to have found an approach that helps to boost my metabolism as this has meant I have seen greater gains from my exercise regime. I am no longer reliant on a cup of coffee to get me started in the morning." Rhiannon, Raynes Park

"This is not a diet – it a way of life. It has been really easy to incorporate the healthy eating tips into my family’s lifestyle. After the first week my need for a regular morning latte and croissant disappeared. The programme has been excellent, very supportive and informative." Hilary, Wimbledon

"I really enjoyed attending the weekly sessions! Meeting other people who were on the same journey as me was encouraging and great to exchange tips on meal suggestions. The weekly weigh in although daunting was great to see progress and not just weight loss but also fat loss. My skin is clearer, I sleep better and no longer suffer from mid-afternoon slumps! I have lost weight and fat too! I will definitely keep going!!" Saeeda, Morden

"I have found this 4 week taster to be inspirational. Marcelle is an excellent and motivating coach leaving you hungry to continue." Penelope, Wimbledon.