Davina Smith's client Paula says that zest4life was "spot on and it addressed just what I wanted"

The following stories and feedback are from Davina Smith's clients in Dublin:

“I attended a Patrick Holford Information Day in July 2012 in Dublin. Having battled with a weight problem most of my life, I was attracted to his approach and met with Davina Smith from zest4life at their stand that day. I met with Davina on a one to one basis on a number of occasions and she taught me a new approach to food, and gave me a much better understanding of nutrients. She made it interesting and the word 'diet' was never mentioned. I have embraced the 'zest4life' approach and my weight is on a reducing balance on the scales!! Davina has a lovely, gentle approach and is really interested in the individual and helping them change. I would recommend Davina to anyone who is seeking change. From my own perspective all the diets I tried over 30 years didn’t really work, Davina's approach has worked for me!”   Mairead, Dublin

“I just want to say a big thank you for delivering the zest4life course. I found it spot on and addressed just what I wanted, which was to get onto 'the right track' with regards to a healthy eating pattern. I achieved what I set out to achieve and am delighted with that and will continue with the healthy eating approach. There was also the added value that you brought as a Nutritionist through sharing a more rounded awareness on certain foods. I have highly recommended the course to some of my friends that are struggling with trying to keep their weight steady”. Paula, Dublin

“I very much enjoyed the zest4life course with Davina. She is a very knowledgeable coach providing excellent nutrition advice which I will continue to implement”.  Eithne, Dublin

“Lost 6kgs in 6 weeks! Felt in better physical shape and thus helped my movement at football. Davina’s zest4life programme promotes an excellent lifestyle”.  Peter, Dublin