Lucy Osborne's client Mrs W lost at least 2 dress sizes

The following comment is from one of Lucy Osborne's clients in Kent:

“Having tried every diet under the sun without lasting success and being left constantly hungry, moody and dizzy, Zest4life was an attractive prospect with all its promises. My main motivation for choosing this way of eating was a concern for my long term health. PCOS and Bi-polar mean that weight gain from medical conditions and as a side effect of medication, were giving me a constant battle which I felt I was losing. Low calorie diets severely affected my mood and only ever held my weight steady. Starving without results was disheartening.

The main benefits of this way of eating for me are that I am never hungry and my mood is constantly very stable. My skin is glowing and clear to the point where people remark on it, which has had a massive knock on effect for my self-esteem….I have gone down at least 2 dress sizes and feel comfortable in my skin, as I know that what is going on inside is all positive. I feel extremely satisfied after eating all the delicious recipes I cook for my family and they all love the food too. My husband even remarked that we have never eaten so well and that his concentration at work has dramatically improved.  Zest4life is a safe, sensible, delicious approach to eating which I wholeheartedly believe in. I feel completely confident that I am making the best decision in nutrition for my whole family and enjoy understanding how what I am eating is nourishing and protecting me and those I love.” Mrs W, Hythe, Kent