Jan Diss's client Polly lost 5kg

The following stories and feedback are from Jan Diss's clients in Esher.

“Jan, I went to the diabetic clinic last week and had a glorious report.  When I saw the endocrinologist he said that my diabetes was under wonderful control and normal!!  I had lost 5kg in weight since I was last there and my blood pressure was 124/76.  He asked what I was doing and I told him about the GL diet and you. “ Polly, Oxshott

“I have just had my annual diabetes check and my current HBA1C is considerably lower than last year, which, as I have not taken any medication, is completely down to the low GL food and Zest4Life programme, so many thanks for all your help and support.” Deborah, Leatherhead

“Thank you so much for an excellent zest4life course. It has helped me get back on track in so many ways. I have found it very motivational, and it has helped me to review and change my eating habits. As well as weight loss, this has also reduced my sugar levels.” Kay, Walton-on-Thames