Mary Walker's client shares how zest4life has changed her life

The following stories and feedback are from Mary Walker's clients in Swiss Cottage:

“I was stuck at 13.5 stone for about 15 years and never believed that I could lose this amount of weight (24.2lbs (11kg)).  I feel like a new person!  My metabolic age used to be 74 and now people think I am 10 years younger than my actual age.  It’s changed my life.”

“This is a fantastic food programme.  I’ve lost weight (26.8lbs (12.2kg)) without the slightest suffering or feeling of deprivation.”

“My blood sugar is now normal and my diabetes risk has receded to zero.  My diet diary has been sent to an expert medical for comment!  I have found the diet straightforward to follow, my stress levels have reduced and my clothes are fitting me better.  I am now motivated to be more active and exercise more.  I came to Zest4life for health reasons and lost 21.12lbs (9.6kg).”

“One of my main motivators was to be healthier now and in the future and I have achieved that by following this low-GL diet.  It has strengthened my confidence knowing that I now have a nutritional structure that works for me for life, to stay healthy and at my ideal weight whilst being able to eat food I love.  Since losing the weight, I feel like I have got my old self and my body back.  I look like me again and it feels empowering to be able to use all my clothes from before I gained the weight.  It just feels so great and I have so much more energy than I did.”