I lost over 4 stone to avoid a gastric band

Mother-of-two Tina explains, "I was shopping for a dress to wear to a cousin's wedding when I hit rock bottom. At just 5 ft 2 and a large size 18, I couldn't find anything to wear. Every dress I tried on made me look even fatter and I couldn't bear to look in the mirror. I hated myself. I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid so I had always put my weight problems down to that. I was feeling sluggish with no energy and at my heaviest, 15 stone 1 pound, I was told by my doctor that my BMI was dangerously high. I felt so low and depressed that I knew something had to be done. I heard about a local nutritional therapist, Keren Milton and the Zest4Life weight loss programme and took the plunge in May 2009. The Zest4life programme has been amazing, I love eating this way and have seen my energy soar. Keren also encouraged me do a food intolerance test, which showed a positive reaction to cow's milk, citrus fruits and durum wheat. Within weeks of avoiding these, I noticed a big difference, the weight just dropped off my face and my body changed shape, I no longer looked or felt bloated or puffy and people commented that my skin looked fantastic too".