Emily Fawell's client Donna lost 3 stone, 20cm from my waist and 12% body fat

The following stories and feedback are from Emily Fawell's clients in Ealing:

“After having my two children, I had crept up to a size 18.  On top of that, in my mid-40s, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and IBS.  I didn’t know where to turn.  I took up running, which helped – but I needed an extra oomph!  As soon as I walked into Emily’s Zest4Life nutrition class, I felt at ease.  This wasn’t one of those embarrassing weight loss meetings which I had avoided all my life, but hear about with trepidation from friends.  Emily was very patient, friendly and approachable and she was extremely knowledgeable about how my condition had affected my weight … and showed me ways of changing my diet to deal with this.  In 18 months of attending Emily’s classes, I am now down to a size 12; I have lost 3 stone, 20cm from my waist and 12% body fat.  On top of that, my energy levels have quadrupled.  Everybody comments positively about how I look … but most of all, I feel good about myself once again.  Thanks Emily”.  Donna, Ealing
“For years I've struggled with my weight and stress levels, tried every diet in the book from cabbage soup to no fat, none of which have been sustainable of course!! Then I took the decision to really do something about it. So I signed up to Zest4Life as recommended by my sister. Finally I now understand how the science bit works when it comes to food! No wonder I used to struggle so much. Within 12 weeks my body fat has dropped and I discovered my waist after many years, loosing 6cm in my first 6 weeks. I see results weekly. I'm never hungry and I can allow myself to occasionally eat stuff that's not as nutritionally good for me, but I now thanks to Emily I'm much more aware of why I make the food choices I do and how to make the right ones. Zest4Life is all based on being positive not punitive around food.  Friends and colleagues have all noticed a difference in my body shape, energy, mood and skin and have asked me my secret.  All I can say is give this a go, Emily has a wealth of knowledge which she helps us introduce into our everyday lives in a practical, positive way!”  Kit, Chiswick

"I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II in September 2013 and my GP wanted me to lose weight as a means of lowering down my blood sugar levels.  A friend of a friend recommended me to see Emily for nutritional advice and weight loss. I had my first consultation in October 2013; Emily was very patient and answered the numerous questions I had about my condition, specifying food portions and combinations, and pointing out where I had gone wrong for so many years. She also explained to me in detail the significance of the various blood tests performed by my GP prior to being diagnosed as a diabetic. Emily is very knowledgeable and I find that there is nothing much that she does not know when it comes to nutrition, diet, exercise, relaxation, supplements and alternative therapies. Since October 2013, I have lost 4 kilos, 10 cms from my waist and 10% body fat. My hydration levels have gone up as well as my energy levels.  Emily follows the guidelines of Patrick Holford's low GL diet in her zest4life classes. She provides you with several booklets during the course, advice as to what you can eat/drink or should avoid  when lunching or dining out  and is always available to answer even the silliest of questions. The Holford Diet cookbook provided me with lots of delicious recipes and with an allowance of up to 45 GLs per day I never feel hungry, which is an essential factor in one's motivation to persevere with the diet. I would certainly recommend Emily and her zest4life classes to anybody who would want to consult a truly good nutritional expert and achieve durable weight loss." Aline