Michelle Lake's client says that "I cannot recommend this way of eating enough"

The following stories and feedback are from Michelle Lake's clients in St Albans:

“I followed the Zest for Life programme with Michelle for 8 weeks and discovered a fantastic way of eating that leaves you satisfied, feeling good and helps you lose weight at the same time. Michelle guides you through the plan with gentle encouragement that makes you think about and challenge your previous habits and has plenty of good suggestions and ideas to help you along the way.  Too much sugar gives me hot flushes and generally makes me feel quite miserable about myself, and so eating a low GL diet that balances your blood sugar and amazingly stops the cravings is perfect for me. I cannot recommend this way of eating enough.” JR, 49yrs, St Albans

 “I have found the Zest 4 Life programme to be a really positive experience. I love the new food I have tried as a result of binning the sugar. The main surprise for me is how much better I feel – I thought I had plenty of energy and felt good before starting, but this process has made me feel sharper, cleaner and healthier. I also lost weight without feeling hungry.  It’s a way of eating that I will adopt now as I feel better than I ever did.” JR, 41 yrs, St Albans

“It was hard to believe at first that I could eat as much as 5 times a day and still lose weight but it’s totally possible with the Zest4Life programme. I had always starved myself to lose weight which worked in the short term but the weight always came back and I felt tired and irritable. Not only have I lost weight but it stopped all endometriosis pain I was experiencing. Amazing!” AW, 30 yrs, St Albans

“I have been following the Zest4Life programme for 4 weeks now. The main thing I have noticed are my increased energy levels. Before I always felt sluggish. I have lost 5lb too so that is an added bonus. I am also enjoying my food more now so I would definitely recommend Zest4Life to others.” JT, 40 yrs, St Albans

“I was fed up of food controlling me and decided it was time to do something about it. With Michelle’s help I have managed to lose weight and feel good inside and out. For once I’m in control. 6 weeks into the programme I have lost 9lbs and feel confident I will achieve my goals.” CK, 53yrs, St Albans