I can honestly say that the low GL zest4life programme has changed my life!

I wanted to lose some weight but had not expected to feel so very well whilst doing so. In the past I have tried several diets, but never managed to stick with them beyond about two weeks before becoming grumpy, then ill and finally giving up. But Zest4Life is fantastic - I have never eaten so well and had such a variety of food...EVER. The recipes are easy to follow, quick & easy to prepare and actually cost you much less than buying additive-filled prepared foods. And the best bit is that I have lost the excess weight easily and I actually feel better than I have done in maybe the past twenty years. My husband has got his "young" wife back again, my teenage son has discovered an "invigorated" mum he had never seen before and I feel so unbelievably cheerful! I have even encouraged several of my friends to follow the low-GL principles too and they are also losing weight and feeling great. However, they have not had the benefit of being on the Zest4Life lectures with Magalie and I do believe that her help & encouragement plus the interaction with the others in the class have helped enormously. We have learnt so much about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes as well as dieting - and had such fun while doing so! In fact, I will miss the classes so much that I have already asked Magalie if I can go back for some refresher classes in the future.

Lorraine - Zest4Life group programme.