Bo Tyler's client Bob feels "much more active"

The following stories and feedback are from Bo Tyler's clients in Ringstead:

“I was persuaded by my wife to participate in Bo’s Zest4 Life courses. I have to say that this was one of her better ideas. Two months later, I am nearly two stone lighter, much more active and feel much better for it. Also, Bo’s knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise makes the whole programme a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it”.  Bob Carrick

“I cannot thank Bo enough on so many levels.  Not only has she helped me to get a much better understanding of healthy eating but with her guidance and support she has enabled me to shift those difficult inches that I thought I'd never lose with relative ease!  She has also had an amazing impact on my overall well being and given me a real boost in confidence. I urge anyone who wants to feel a real difference on the inside as well as the outside, to give Bo a call”.  Annie Allison