Wendy Arthan's client Greg says that he is "so much more confident and can hold my head high"

The following is a story from one of Wendy Arthan's clients in Oswestry:

Greg, is 25years old, he works for an international plant sales company.  His job dictates that he is on the road from 6am until 8pm throughout the week and often ensures that he stays out over night, he also works some weekends.  When Greg initially enquired about a weight-loss program, he was finding it a challenge to fit any kind of structure,-regular meals or fitness training into his working day.

He told me that he started to gain weight as a young 14 year old and has since progressively piled on the pounds, his heaviest being 14 ½ stone and 47.05% bmi in July 2013.

Health score pre zest4life   34               Health score now  13   (ideal 14 or less)

Energy/blood sugar control score        pre zest4life  56 

Energy/blood sugar control score        now  19         (ideal 16 or less)

Greg’s Testimonial

"I love to socialise and I enjoy dressing for an occasion.  I like to look the part whether it is at work or on a night out but for as long as I can remember, I haven’t been able to buy clothes that fit properly or look good.   Being over- weight since a young teenager has restricted what I can wear.

Prior to the wellbeing programme with Wendy, my Zest4life Coach, I had long suffered with Joint and muscular pains, un-pleasant foot odour, low energy and mid- day slumps.    My confidence and self- esteem were low and I often felt self- conscious. Amazingly, all those worrying issues are now a distant memory.

I now plan and prepare my meals in advance, as much as I can.  These generally consist of hotpots, stirfrys and salads. I get home around about 8pm, prepare and cook my food for the evening and enough for my lunch the following day. I keep my lunch in the fridge and then either, have it cold or heat it for a food flask  I have a shower then sit down to eat my meal.  I am lucky that I have a supportive network around me at home, to help whenever they can.

My nutritional coach has supported me through-out by giving me the information in bite sized chunks that I can dip into.  She has shown me how to be more organised and how to plan my weekly meals. I have learnt about healthy eating such as the best fats and fruits for health and weight loss.  I understand that quinoa is better than white rice.  I now eat nuts, seeds and cook with coconut and olive oil.  I enjoy fresh strawberry and yogurt smoothes- opposed to diet coke or strawberry milk shake and I know to eat carbohydrates with protein.   It has taught me how to make good choices and be in control of my eating, rather than having food cravings controlling me.  I don’t feel hungry or deprived, I still enjoy the occasional takeaway and I enjoy a drink socially.

I am going away with some mates in a week and have just been clothe shopping.  I was able to buy fashion items of clothing, something I couldn’t do before and get into a size 30in trouser (I was 44inch at my heaviest) and a size small T Shirt (extra -large at my heaviest).

I initially lost weight quite rapidly but then this slowed down and I have steadily continued to lose between 1 and 2 l1bs a week.  My body fat is now 22% and I weigh 9 ½ stone.

I still have a little way to go, my coach is adjusting my diet plan and exercise regime accordingly as I want to be a little leaner and more toned.  My coach is helping to plan my exercise and eating regime around my working day.

It is a way of life for me now, a complete lifestyle change.  When I look at before photos I know I do not want to be that unhealthy person. I am so much more confident and can hold my head high, I did this I am in control of my life."

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