George lost 1 stone 4lb in 6 weeks and lowered his blood glucose levels

In June of this year I was given the opportunity to join a diet trial programme for zest4life which was taking place at MediClinic in Guildford.
I immediately jumped at the chance for two reasons:

I found the lectures each week to very informative and, with Magalie's expert guidance and patience and the help of my wife, I was able to sort out a menu plan which suited me and worked well. With the exception of the first few days when I was in the infant stages of the diet, I do not feel hungry between meals and I believe that food quantities as indicated by zest4life was more than adequate. I was very determined to achieve the end result and managed to lose 1 stone, 4lb just in the 6 weeks that the programme ran. This equalled to a trouser size drop from 38 to 34. 
With the diet, my blood glucose level has decreased to a more acceptable level and I am hoping that diet alone is going to be able to help me avoid having to take medication for diabetes. This programme has changed my life style to the extent that I have more energy than I have had in a long time and I am feeling so much better. My long term goal is to hopefully reduce the amount of medication that I take.
George, Guidlford.

New research published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine proves that my Holford Low GL Diet not only achieves successful weight loss, it also boosts energy and mood, and improves digestion and skin condition. The trial charted the progress of 20 people who followed the zest4life programme and took basic supplements (a multivitamin, extra vitamin C and omega 3 and 6 fats) for seven weeks. Four were unable to complete it for personal reasons, leaving 16. The average weight loss they experienced was a highly significant 10.25lbs, equivalent to 1.3lbs per person per week. Body fat percentage dropped by an average of 2%. It's extremely hard for the body to burn more than 1.5lbs of fat a week, so the average weight loss achieved in this trial is close to optimal. One man lost 17.5lbs, while two thirds of participants lost at least 7lbs, but, most importantly, the vast majority felt so much better on this diet. Nearly all (94%) reported greater energy, 67% had greater concentration, memory or alertness, 67% had less indigestion or bloating, clearer and less dry skin, and 50% reported fewer feelings of depression and more stable moods. There was also a significant drop in blood pressure and pulse.

"It's as if someone has given us a magic pill and said you'll have more energy, you'll feel calm and you'll feel less stressed," reports Marianne B, one of the trial's volunteers. "It's worked better than I would have believed. I am full of energy, my skin has improved dramatically, my cholesterol level has dropped by a third in seven weeks and I've lost a stone, especially around my middle." The results from the scientific trial reflect the feedback we've been getting from the thousands of people who've already successfully followed my Holford Low GL Diet. Even diabetics have been able to follow this diet safely - with remarkable results. Diabetic Linda B says: "Now my energy level is incredible. I've lost 16 pounds in six weeks. My blood sugar is well under control and I've been able to halve my medication. It's been so easy. I have no cravings."