Fiona lost 2 stone 3 pounds and feels great!

I was encouraged by a friend of mine to join zest4Life when she succeeded, after many years of trying different diets. I was at an all time low with my weight, I had two children aged two and three and a half, I had put on a lot of weight from the pregnancies and I was continuing to gain weight. So I made a promise to myself that I would lose all the weight I had gained: almost 2 and a half stone. I wasn't sure if I would ever reach my target but I was going to try! The Holford low GL diet is easily understood; best of all it has great recipes which are again really easy to make which is so important when you have 2 young kids. During the zest4life course, the weekly group sessions were encouraging and it was great to meet everyone and discuss the hurdles or achievements of the week gone by. I learnt to cook using delicious foods I had not tried before and so had more choice in what I was eating, not less. I also found it was easy to adapt the diet to suit my life style. I took up Pilates and Squash as I suddenly had energy which I didn't have before. It is surprising how the diet made me feel - I now feel alive with much more energy than I had before and my skin glows. In a period of one month my weight dropped by 8lb and I lost several inches from all over - this was a great feeling so I forged on determined to reach that goal. I have now reached my goal weight have lost 6.5 inches off my waist and 7 inches off my hips which to me was awesome! I feel as alive as I did when I was first married and at Christmas I was able to wear the going away dress that I wore at my wedding, a dress that I thought I would need surgery to get into again! I continue to eat the low GL way as I now know it is the right way to eat and I have introduced it to my family who, surprisingly, are happy to be eating in a healthier way. My two children actually prefer the food, especially the snacks! What more can I say?