Bev Brammer's client Fay lost nearly 4 stone in 5 months

The following stories and feedback are from Bev Brammer's clients in Wilmslow:

Zest4life diet trial comments:

•             The trial has really opened my eyes to how much sugar I was eating! I have lost weight & am thrilled that it has gone in the form of fat, not water or muscle. The scales Bev has are brilliant & I’m not that bothered about my weight now – I’m lowering my body fat instead.

•             At the first class you said I’d lose my sugar cravings. I didn’t believe you. But they’ve gone! Incredible!

•             My blood sugar levels have dropped 3 points in 3 weeks – my GP is amazed.

•             Thanks for your guidance, support & inspiration. I feel so much brighter, balanced & less bloated.

•             Thanks for teaching me how to nourish myself.

Private Client:

5 months in & nearly 4 stone lighter! I contacted Bev in November 2011, knowing that in January I was going to make some positive changes to my lifestyle. My weight had become a huge problem and was starting to get me down! January came and Bev has really helped me to change my life. Although weight loss is a priority to me, Bev has encouraged me to see the bigger picture…. to make healthy changes which have become part of my daily routine. Bev has weighed me fortnightly and communicates with me regularly - she’s been great!

It’s nearly June now, and I have lost just under 4 stone…. I am even able to have treats occasionally, and still lose weight, because the real foundation of my eating has been transformed!   

Without Bev I am positive that I would still be feeling sluggish, flabby and tired! People keep asking what diet I have been on and my reply is simple: ‘I am just eating healthily’ and I plan to continue, with Bev’s help, until it’s all gone!

Fay, Manchester