Doing the zest4life programme with Lynne has "totally transformed my life"

'I have been doing the Zest 4 Life Healthy Weight Loss Programme with Lynne for the past 4 weeks and it has totally transformed my life.  For the first time I see and feel the direct correlation between optimum nutrition and wellbeing.  I feel I have been emerging from a thick confusing fog and I can see my way clear of this. It has been far more than a weight loss programme for me it has reprogrammed my relationships with food and exercise and helped me to get my health vitality and wellbeing back.

Lynne is kind, gentle, supportive and dedicated.  With a vast depth of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of nutrition, medicinal and super foods she customises Patrick Holford’s programme to each individual’s specific needs. 

I was provided a safe, generous and supportive atmosphere to work through my vulnerabilities, to find practical ways of living and sustaining a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Lynne.'    Lez