Monica Durigon's client Amanda says that zest4life "is a win win situation"

 These are just few testimonials from Monica Durigon's diet trial conducted in November in Windsor (The testimonials were given by the participants after only 3 weeks on the programme).

"This is a brilliant way to feel healthier and more energetic whilst losing weight at the same time: it is a win win situation!" Amanda B

" I am genuinely surprised at how fantastic I feel. With a small baby it's inevitable to be tired but I still feel energized, I feel satisfied and confident and in control of my food!" Leila D

" Zest4life really helped me to control menopausal problems. Hot flushes went down immediately the moment I started to follow Zest4life guidelines. Monica's guidance is very professional and always friendly and welcoming." Liz H

"I have lost 7 lbs and feel much healthier. Feel in control of my eating and how to be healthy now. Can't bear sweet things anymore!" Tara S

"My PCOS symptoms have improved, my skin feels healthier and smoother, my period has returned back to normal this month and my cravings have disappeared! I'm grateful and happy with the programme that has given me the motivation to continue and lose more weight and become even more fitter and healthier." Clair M