Beatrice Cutler's client stated zest4life was "a life changing experience I intend to maintain"

The following stories are from Beatrice Cutler's clients in Crowthorne:

Thelma, having previously failed to lose weight following the birth of her baby, lost 14lb in 10 weeks

Adrienne, busy head teacher with 3 teenagers, lost 8lbs over 10 weeks, having failed to shift any weight for years, reduced cravings, improved mood.

Susie, planning to run a marathon in 8 weeks, dropped 9lbs over the 6 week 1 to 1 course, learned to make healthy food choices when eating out, and how to plan food intake around training and running.

Emma came to my class having just started high doses of diabetic medication; with her GP’s approval she was able to reduce her medication considerably at her next check up. She also lost 5lbs, improved her skin and eliminated bloating.