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Harry weighed 19 stone 2 lbs at the start, his HbA1c was 6.8 and blood pressure was 131/84. By the end of twelve weeks he had lost 31 lbs and weighed 16 stone 13lbs, his HbA1c was down to 5.8 and his blood pressure was 116/66. His cholesterol ratio had also reduced from 4.2 to 3.7. He said 'My levels of energy have been noticeably higher even after only a few weeks and the health improvements in both my body and mind have given me the incentive to maintain these changes for life.'

Richard who participated in the project commented: 'I have never lost weight before whilst eating well and feeling fitter and more energetic. Definitely NOT a faddy diet.'

Such comments were representative of the whole group. Everyone felt they had gained significant benefit from the programme in a range of ways including improved energy levels, elevated mood/depression lifted, better sleep, less stress and anxiety and even improved confidence and self esteem. The GPs and practice nurses supporting the programme have been impressed with the results and plans are underway to determine how to take this forward.