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Anne Owens, Dublin   


Anne Owens runs programmes in Dublin and is now an Area Manager supporting and coaching practitioners in the Republic of Ireland.

"I trained as a Nutritional Therapist at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health and graduated in 2007. I set up in private practice in Dublin and started to build my Nutritional Therapy business, but this was a slow process. However, I found that the people who came to me for weight loss were really doing very well. This was because I had always struggled with my own weight and so I understood what they were going through and I was able to identify with them, and help them. But more importantly than this I had the right eating plan for them, which was the low GL eating plan. This is what I was trained to use when I was in college. Then in 2009 I heard about zest4life and that Patrick Holford wanted to introduce the zest4life programmes to Ireland. This was a great opportunity for me because I love helping people regain their health and wellbeing and lose weight. And here it was, the whole programme packaged under Patrick' s name, it was a no-brainer for me!

I went to London to do the extra training that was required to become a zest4life practitioner (4 inspirational days plus case study work) and came back and launched the first pilot programme in Dublin. It was a great success. My clients got brilliant results and were very impressed with the quality of the booklets and presentations they were given. I have been running successful zest4life programmes in Dublin since then and my client base is growing all the time.

The quality of the zest4life training is excellent, the marketing materials and presentations are fantastic. But most important of all is the support, encouragement and back-up that each practitioner gets from the zest4life team, it's exceptional."


Emily Fawell, Ealing


"Weight loss is one of the most challenging health issues to deal with as a Nutritional Therapist, and in my experience the most common reason that people make contact with me.  Being able to offer zest4life as an option has really broadened the support that I can offer my clients, whether as part of a group programme or on a one to one basis.  Being a zest4life practitioner has really boosted my confidence in coaching as I have a structured approach to work through with my clients and plenty of coaching techniques to employ. The tools (booklets, food diaries and menu plans) are very professional and the content of the programme with its emphasis on coaching is what sets zest4life apart from any other available weight loss programme.  Working with a group of clients over 10 weeks also enables them to build a deep trust in you and an appreciation of the extent of your knowledge as a Nutritional Therapist, and I have found that as a result of this, zest4life has lead to many Nutritional Therapy referrals."


Vanessa Saunders, Nottinghamshire

"I started my zest4life journey in November 2011, with my Pilot starting in May 2012. It was exciting as well as daunting starting the Pilot programme.  I was able to reach quite a lot of people for marketing from my contacts and the Patrick Holford database brought in leads as well. Prior to the Pilot I also participated in quite a few webinars, which were really helpful.  I run the programmes from an outbuilding at my home and can run up to 10 in a class.  This works well for me.

I find it is important to be organised – so you know who each person is, their problems etc.  I always weigh them in a separate room/area so we can have a private chat about any problems.  I love the buzz as the group starts to bond and it feels great when they start to succeed.  It has been fun and seeing people lose weight and inches is fantastic. I have one client who was able to come off their blood pressure tablets and another who is sleeping better after years of problems.  It feels great to know that you are able to help them improve not only their weight but also their overall health"


Katie O'Connell, Berkhamsted

"I started working with zest4life in 2010. It was a year into my Nutritional Therapy business and I was looking for ways of marketing myself in my local community more effectively.
I have found the zest programmes and materials invaluable using them with 1:1 clients and for local groups and seminars. I have recently run talks on different health topics such as boosting your Immune system, Feeding Kids healthily and Fighting menopause naturally. They have also helped me put together some 'wellness at work' programmes where I now run Health and Wellbeing workshops on site for Corporate organisations. I also run the Z4L programme on a one to one basis and use the materials in my practice where relevant.  Z4L is a great addition to your practice. It gives you a different balance between 1:1 and group based work and adds a great dynamic to your practice. It is also a wonderful vehicle to help you build and develop your practice in your local community".