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The Programmes

We have a variety of different ways to support you, depending on your preferences, budget and time.

zest4life Groups:

If you enjoy the support of a group, find you benefit from attending regularly and you like the social aspects: choose a zest4life group.  Your local zest4life coach will explain what options are available in your area. 

1:1 Support:

If you would like personal support - a private weight loss or private health consultation with your local practitioner would be ideal.

At Home Support:

If you don't have a practitioner in your area, you can still follow our programmes at home using our Start Now materials or by telephone coaching and Skype with one of our experienced Practitioners. 


If you are short on time, don't have a programme near you or would like a more intensive approach for fast results, look out for our 1 Day events, details are published on the events page. 

Find a programme near you

How will we support you?

Step 1: We start by ensuring we understand you as an individual, your weight loss and health history, your goals and your food preferences. You will complete our Health and Weight Loss Profile and you will then receive personalised dietary recommendations.

Step 2: We teach you the basics of good nutrition and GL so that you can get started straight away. . You will receive detailed materials (either online or as books) for you to follow the programme simply and easily.

Step 3: You follow the zest4life programme either in a group or individually. We will help you to:

Step 4: We will support you with regular progress reviews (health, weight loss and lifestyle) to ensure you have the support and the best plan you need to be successful. Feedback on changes in body composition (for face to face programmes) which includes weight, body fat, metabolic age is also included.  We provide you with personalised recommendations on how to optimise the eating plan for you.

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